In addition to the operation of the National Lighthouse Museum, numerous events will take place in Building 11, and various other locations, throughout the year.The NLM Education Committee hosts an ongoing series of monthly lectures and presentations about Lighthouses and related maritime subjects.  Building 11 and the Plaza will be the site of many cultural events throughout the year. The NLM looks forward to collaborating with other groups in efforts to bring art, music, and other exhibits and performances to the local community.Throughout the year, the NLM will host other events to raise the awareness of the historic importance of Lighthouses to the nation. Anyone wishing to work with the NLM on an event should contact the Executive Director at

June 25, 2017 – America’s Cup Race Live Feed, BBQ and Lecture

Join us for an event to celebrate the America’s Cup Race from Bermuda. We will have a live feed of the event along with a BBQ and lecture by Andrew Wilson, historian, sailor, and librarian at the New York Public Library. Mr. Wilson will speak on the history of the race and it’s connection to Staten Island. Here is a sample:

The Island’s shipyards provided maintenance and last minute modifications to the competitors going back at least to the British challenger Countess of Dufferin in 1876 and continuing on until 1920 when the last races were held in New York Harbor.

Shamrock IV Comes to SISCO Drydock. Advance, July 22, 1920.

Daily Advance headline July 22, 1920 announcing the arrival of both  Resolute and Shamrock IV at the Staten Island Shipyard Co. docks in Port Richmond.

Americas Cup repairs at the Staten Island Shipyard.

1920’s defender and challenger in the dry docks at Port Richmond.  Port of New York Annual. Port Richmond had been a work site for America’s Cup boats dating back to 1876 when the British challenger Countess of Dufferin had her hull modified and painted there.  Shamrock II is known to have had her sails fitted out at Tompkinsville and likely had hull work done at Port Richmond in 1901.

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