The National Lighthouse Museum supports the use of its collections for research, exhibition, and educational programming through on-site visits and loans. Collection objects and archives are available for study based upon reasonable requests. Please be aware that the Museum must balance access to the collections and archives and their associated records with long-term preservation needs and staff availability.

Requests for access to the collections should be sent in writing (letter or email) to the Curator at least one month before the desired visitation date. For all research requests and image rights and reproduction please send an email to: curator@lighthousemuseum.org


Loans are critical to increasing public access to and encourage research of museum collections. Loaned property refers to any property borrowed by or loaned from the National Lighthouse Museum collections or archives that is not accompanied by a transfer of title or temporary custody receipt. The National Lighthouse Museum participates in an active loan program that includes both incoming and outgoing loans. For liability reasons, the National Lighthouse Museum makes loans to institutions only, not to individuals. Archival materials may only be accessed on-site.

Loans are made for a term of one year or less, and the National Lighthouse Museum does not make permanent or indefinite loans. All loans must be authorized by the Curator and the Executive Director. Formal loan requests must be made in writing (letter or email) that includes a brief description of intended use. For out-going exhibition loans, the borrowing institution’s standard facility report is required prior to approval and a loan fee may be required to cover the cost of loan preparation.