The National Lighthouse Museum’s Board of Trustees, Advisors and FRIENDS are dedicated to the full development of the National Lighthouse Museum on the site of the US Light House Service General Depot on Staten Island from 1864 to 1939. Partnering with government agencies, non-profits, corporations, foundations, and other organizations, we will work to promote and support historical, educational, cultural, recreational, and other related activities at the site, while maintaining the navigational significance and maritime heritage of lighthouses throughout the world.

The Mission is in consonance with the Purposes of the National Lighthouse Museum as they are documented in Article II of the museum by-laws:

The purposes of this museum shall be:

  1. To establish and maintain a history museum open to the public relating to lighthouses and located on Staten Island, County of Richmond, New York.
  2. To collect, preserve, and interpret objects related to the history and technology of lighthouses located, in the past or present, at sites throughout the United States.
  3. To research, document and disseminate information on the history and technology of American lighthouses.
  4. To create and maintain an archive of artifacts and materials related to American lighthouses.
  5. To foster research of American lighthouse history.
  6. To serve as a contact point for public inquiry and assistance with respect to American lighthouse history, research, education, collections and programs
  7. To celebrate American lighthouse heritage through education programs, publications, films, festivals, living history, lighthouse trails, conferences, and other such offerings.
  8. To support other existing and future lighthouse museums, organizations and sites.
  9. To establish partnerships with other organizations to attain the above goals.