South Pass Lighthouse built in 1881 Photo courtesy LighthouseFriends.com

South Pass Lighthouse built in 1881 Photo courtesy LighthouseFriends.com

Sponsorships are an important base of support for the National Lighthouse Museum from individuals, foundations, and businesses who wish to invest in the cultural life of this region. Through sponsorship, businesses communicate to employees, clients, and customers their commitment to improving the quality of life in our community. Likewise, individual sponsorship conveys to family and friends an individual’s sense of responsibility to establish or continue a legacy of community involvement to future generations.
The Museum accepts designated gifts from individuals, foundations, and businesses to support specific programs, events or exhibits. Unless donors request anonymity, sponsors are recognized in all public materials, press releases, advertising and signage related to the sponsored program, event or exhibit, as well as verbally by Museum staff in public comments. Links to the websites of corporate and business sponsors will be placed on the Museum website for the duration of sponsorship.

Depending on the level of support and sponsor objectives, additional benefits may include:

• Invitations to receptions and special events
• Free admission passes for guests, clients, employees
• Copies of the NLM Quarterly Museum News
• Free or reduced rates usage of the NLM Educational Resource Center
• Behind-the-scenes Museum tours for special guests
• Tailored marketing opportunities


There are a number of ways that you can be recognized as having a significant role in the creation of the National Lighthouse Museum. Please consider a donation restricted to a particular need of the Educational Resource Center in Building 11. Naming Opportunities exist for donors starting as low as $1000 for sponsorship of Lighthouse Models in the “Wall of Lights” exhibit up through major gifts and sponsorship.

Scroll down to see all of the ways you can be recognized for your support of the museum.



Available $125,000 – Exterior – resembling a “Ships Channel” winding around exterior of building, inside brick wall, showing and describing features such as shoals and channel depths, lighthouses, various types of buoys, ranges, lightships, light structures, etc.
Available $50,000 – Building the Wall of Lights – 18ft. tall – 8’ ft. wide – room, shaped like lighthouse – filled with interactive multi-media video orientation experiences
Available $30,000 – Fresnel Lenses – of various orders – Acquiring, insuring, restoring, displaying & ongoing maintenance- to be offered on permanent loan from USCG & other private collections
Doherty Family Fund $10,000 – Computer data- based kiosks (2) of all lighthouses in country – Built into Wall of Lights
Ritter Foundation $10,000 – Light Beacon above entry door
Margo & John Catsimatidis Family $10,000 – Light Keeper’s Walls – a series of graphic panels containing artifacts, photos & text to illustrate various historically significant stories of specific lighthouse keepers throughout time.
Bob Eisele, Bruce Liozzi, Carl Ludders $10,000 – Mini-Theatre – 60 stackable chairs for groups to
view lighthouse videos; lectures; performances etc. Equipment –
overhead video – projection system; automatic pull-down screen, small
stage, wireless microphone etc.
Available $10,000 each /$70,000 total- Interchangeable – 7 Moveable Display Panels
– Panel Content Ideas – Day Mark Education ; Lighthouse Architecture;
Regional Lighthouse Displays; Wicks/ Types of oils/ Oil Containers;
Patch Collection of uniformed service personnel; Lighthouse use in
advertisement/ public relations activities; History of Lighthouse
Tenders/ Lightships; Life Saving Stations, etc.
Available $20,000 – Lettering of NATIONAL LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUM on Exterior with back lighting & other local signage
Available $20,000 – Reception Desk / glass casing/ shelving
Available $20,000 – Fresnel lens History Display & Vision Wall
Available $20,000 – TIMELINES:

$10,000 NLM Site History – from the Lenape Indians to the present

$10,000 History of Lights from first Light in Egypt – Pharos to current day at Kingsborough Community College

The Lande Family $5,000 – Nautical Chart Installation
Triangle Equities $2,000 – Optics Interactive Station – hands- on low-tech interactive, using prisms and lenses
Lighthouse Model Sponsorships $1,000 – Lighthouse Model Sponsorships on “Wall of Lights” display – contact us for specific lighthouse interest or area. Click here for current sponsors of our Lighthouse Model Sponsors.

Space on the Wall of Lights is very limited at this point, contact the Museum if you would like a sponsorship opportunity.

Lighthouse Models Available for Sponsorship in the Wall of Lights Location
Neptune Island Lighthouse Australia
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Bermuda
Battery Point Lighthouse California
Lost Alcatraz Lighthouse California
Point Fermin Lighthouse California
Point Pinos Lighthouse California
Cove Island Lighthouse Canada, Ontario
Figard Lighthouse Canada, British Columbia
Point Abino Lighthouse Canada, Lake Erie
West Point Lighthouse Washington
Old Saybrook Lighthouse Connecticut
Lost Cape Henlopen Lighthouse Delaware
Lodbjerg Lighthouse Denmark
Lost St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida
Old St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida
Sand Key Lighthouse Florida
La Jument Lighthouse France
Cockspur Island Lighthouse Georgia
Sapelo Island Lighthouse Georgia
Bremerhaven Lighthouse Germany
Bailey’s Harbor Lighthouse Hawaii
Gross Point Lighthouse Illinois
Kan Non Zaki Lighthouse Japan
Southwest Reef Lighthouse Louisiana
Boon Island Lighthouse Maine
Cockolds Lighthouse Maine
Hendrick’s Head Lighthouse Maine
Litle River Lighthouse Maine
Mashall Point Lighthouse Maine
Old Cockolds Lighthouse Maine
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Maine
Baltimore Lighthouse Maryland
Fort Washington Bell Tower Lighthouse Maryland
Sandy Point Lighthouse Maryland
Sharp’s Island Lighthouse Maryland
Thomas Point Lighthouse Maryland
Turkey Point Lighthouse Maryland
Chatham Lighthouse Massachusetts
Clark’s Point Lighthouse Massachusetts
Gay Head Lighthouse Massachusetts
Lost Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse Massachusetts
Monomoy Lighthouse Massachusetts
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Michigan
Grand Haven So. Pier Lighthouse Michigan
Little Sabel Point Lighthouse Michigan
Old Mission Point Lighthouse Michigan
Passage Island Lighthouse Michigan
Round Island Lighthouse Michigan
St. Helena Lighthouse Michigan
Tawas Point Lighthouse Michigan
White River Lighthouse Michigan
Whitefish Point Lighthouse Michigan
Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota
Round Island Lighthouse Mississippi
East Point Lighthouse New Jersey
Tucker’s Island Lighthouse New Jersey
Tibbetts Point Lighthouse New York
Hatteras Beacon North Carolina
Oak Island Lighthouse North Carolina
Roanoke River Lighthouse North Carolina
Cleveland Lighthouse Ohio
Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Ohio
Lorain Lighthouse Ohio
Lost Cleveland Lighthouse Ohio
South Bass Lighthouse Ohio
Cape Meares Lighthouse Oregon
Coquille River Lighthouse Oregon
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Oregon
Presque Isle Lighthouse Pennsylvania
Beaver Tail Lighthouse Rhode Island
Bullock Point Lighthouse Rhode Island
Rose Island Lighthouse Rhode Island
Morris Island Lighthouse (new) South Carolina
Morris Island Lighthouse (old) South Carolina
Cape Romain Lighthouse South Carolina
Georgetown Lighthouse South Carolina
Haig Point Lighthouse South Carolina
Sea Pines Lighthouse South Carolina
Half Moon Reef Lighthouse Texas
Gladstone Lighthouse United Kingdom
Longship Lighthouse United Kingdom
Needles Point Lighthouse United Kingdom
Portland Bill Lighthouse United Kingdom
Trwyn Du Lighthouse United Kingdom
Start Point Lighthouse United Kingdom
Wolf Trap Lighthouse Virginia
Gay’s Harbor Lighthouse Washington
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Wisconsin
Kenosha Lighthouse Wisconsin
Sherwood Point Lighthouse Wisconsin
Sturgeon Point Lighthouse Wisconsin
Lightship Models
Lightship Chesapeake
Lightship Columbia
Lightship Huron
Lightship Relief
Lightship Portsmouth
Lightship San Francisco