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President John Vokral, PE
1st Vice President Captain Joseph Ahlstrom, Prof. SUNY Maritime College
2nd Vice President John Arntzen, President ACTA Maritime Development Corp.
Treasurer Richard M. Prinzi, Jr., CPA
Secretary Maryann Piazza, Majestic Vending & Services, Inc.
Chris Benbow, Esq.
Christopher Campbell
Honorable Alfred B. Curtis, Jr., NYC Commissioner (Ret.)
LCDR James Dunlap, USCG (ret.), Lampist
Bruce Liozzi, Officer, Bay St. Landing Board
Peter Lisi, Staten Island Paramount Theater
Carl H. Ludders, Jr., Zurich Ins. Risk Mgt.(ret.)
Glen Mancuso, Owner, Allstate Insurance Agency
Inez Palladino, Assistant to former Senator John Marchi
Christopher Williams, OD
 Honorary Trustees
Alice Diamond
Gregory Perillo
Captain Michael Day, USCG – Captain of the Port
Captain John J. DeCruz, NY Pres. Sandy Hook Pilots
CDR (Ret.) Wayne Wheeler, President USLH Society

The National Lighthouse Museum is honored to have in its service a distinguished Board of Advisors.  Members of this panel have worked tirelessly providing essential support and expertise in areas of critical importance to the Museum’s development.


Dean Curry, Financial Planner
Arlyn Danielson, Curator, US Coast Guard Exhibit Center
Captain Donald DeRosa
William Dertinger, Jr., Esq.
Ralph Eshelman, PhD, Museum Director (ret.)
John Killcullen, President, Preservation League of Staten Island
Dr. Thomas Matteo, Staten Island Borough Historian
Trevor Mills
Frank Ninivaggi
Arturo Porazzi
John Sollazzo, Retired NYC Firefighter’s Association
Mike Vogel, Editor, Buffalo News



The success of the National Lighthouse Museum to date is the result of the hard work of the museum’s two professionals and its volunteer Friends of the NLM organization. For more info about becoming a Friend of the NLM, please contact the Executive Director.

Linda Dianto, Executive Director

Linda has served as President, and is currently the Executive Director, of the National Lighthouse Museum. For the past three and one half years, Linda has devoted all of her energies to the cause of reviving the National Lighthouse Museum and advocating to maintain the Museum on Staten Island.

Possessing Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in Liberal Arts & Education from the College of Staten Island and a 6th Year Certificate in the Administration of Recreation & Leisure Services, Linda also holds Certificates in Philanthropy and Fundraising from NYU. Ms. Dianto has developed a strong career in education, management and administration of programs, teaching, and fundraising.

In her ongoing roles with the National Lighthouse Museum, Linda understood the need to learn more about the maritime and lighthouses worlds, and immersed herself in maritime and museum conferences, seeking out the support of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, including involvement in the City of Water Day; the NY & NJ Waterfront Coalition and the Coalition of Historic Ships in NYC. She has also developed a strong bond with the World Lighthouse Society (WLS); the United States Lighthouse Society (USLHS) and the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee (ALCC) and other lighthouse-related associations.

Celestina Cuadrado, Curator/Site Manager

Celestina Cuadrado joined the NLM as Curator/Site Manager in May 2015. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Ithaca College and a master’s degree in museum studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program. Her research interests are varied but usually include any exhibition topic she is currently working on.

Celestina’s appreciation of maritime history came by the way of studying 19th-century mercantile history while working at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden and as collections manager at the Merchant’s House Museum in New York City.