Join us Sunday, February 24, 2-4 pm, when Profesor Ira Breskin, Senior Lecturer at SUNY Maritime College, will speak to us regarding Hot Button Issues Facing the Shipping Industry. Professor Breskin will discuss topical subjects of prime interest to those impacted by ships: consumers, cruise ship and ferry passengers, environmentalists and those who admire, finance, insure or operate ships.

Among the specific topics addressed are:

  • The impact of excess supply of container ship capacity to consumers in terms of cost and reliability of product delivery.
  • The increasing cost of maritime security.
  • The long-term geopolitical threat posed by China’s One Belt, One Road policy.
  • The cost/ benefit attached to more stringent ship-specific environmental rules and regulations.
  • The rationale for burgeoning ferry service in NYC and elsewhere.


Tickets are $10 for Guests and $5 for Museum Members. Light refreshments will be served. Reserve your seat now! Click below.

Hot Topics Facing the Shipping Industry