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Born in 1842, Ida Lewis assumed the keeping of Lime Rock Light in Newport, RI at the tender age of 15. Set against the backdrop of a country in turmoil and progress, including the Civil War and the Women’s Suffrage Movement, Ida’s seemingly unexceptional life took a drastic turn when the world discovered that she’d been silently saving the lives of countless sailors.

Fame took her in hand and, overnight, she became an international sensation. Something she neither wanted nor got accustomed to. THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER’S DAUGHTER was originally published under the title KEEPER OF LIME ROCK two decades ago.

It has been in continuous publication ever since and is currently under the imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. Filmmaker Nico Raineau has adapted a screenplay based on Skomal’s book, to be produced as a major motion picture.

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