Staten Island Lighthouse

April 1 , 2019  –  Staten Island, NY – The Board of Trustees of the National Lighthouse Museum is proud to announce been granted the stewardship responsibilities for the Staten Island Lighthouse by the United States Coast Guard. Also known as Ambrose Channel Rear Range Light, the Staten Island Lighthouse serves as the rear range light companion to West Bank Lighthouse. The ninety-foot tower is located on Staten Island’s Richmond Hill (a.k.a. Lighthouse Hill), at a point that is 145 feet above sea level and over five miles northwest of West Bank Lighthouse.

Partnering with Elizabeth A. Campbell (nee Esposito) and the Esposito family, the Museum will be responsible for the yard and tower maintenance on the 1912 lighthouse located on Staten Island. The upkeep of this lighthouse furthers the museum’s mission of lighthouse preservation and honors the memory of Joseph N. Esposito (1938-2005) who served as caretaker of the Rear Range Lighthouse from 1992 until his retirement in 2001. Founder of Lighthouse Research for Preservation and New York Harbor Lights, Esposito helped save Romer Shoal and Battery Weed Lighthouses, and was instrumental in the founding of the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island in 1997. Elizabeth Campbell stated, “I am so honored to say that the legacy of my father, ‘Lighthouse Joe’, will continue through his children and grandchildren who will now care for the lighthouse as he did almost two decades later. Thanks to the partnership with the National Lighthouse Museum, my father’s memory will be preserved.”

Since becoming operational in 1912, the lighthouse has served a critically important role in New York Harbor, and it was declared an Historic Landmark in 1968. The transfer of stewardship to the Museum is perfectly consistent with its mission, and is especially significant given the organization’s commitment to and advocacy for the maintenance and preservation of lighthouses all across the world. “This new role for the Museum will not only allow for us to demonstrate best practices in caring for these national treasures, but will also serve as a shining example of the importance of ensuring their continuation as both nostalgic reminders of our past as well as functional beacons in the navigational arena today,” commented Ms. Linda Dianto, executive director of the National Lighthouse Museum.

Located on the former site of the United States Lighthouse Service’s (USLHS) General Depot in St. George, Staten Island, the National Lighthouse Museum educates visitors about the history and technology of the nation’s lighthouses. The General Depot was the national headquarters, testing ground, and distribution center for all materials and equipment used by light keepers and USLHS personnel from 1864 to 1939. Once a lively and bustling site of 18 buildings, today only 6 remain.

The Museum is located in the 1912 foundry building. It is 2,400 square feet and is self-guided. Museum exhibits include: Beacons Through Time, Supplying the Nation’s Light Stations: The General DepotOptics: Projecting the LightLife at the Light: Lighthouse Keepers, and much more! In addition to our self-guided exhibits, we offer monthly lectures, group tours by appointment, seasonal Lighthouse Boat Tours (May – October), and annual events like our Lighthouse Weekend (August) and Lighthouse Point Fest (September).