Current Exhibits


  • Wall of Lights
  • History of Lighthouse Keepers
  • Evolution of the Illuminants
  • Regional Lights
  • Historic Lighthouse Timeline
  • Role of the USLHS General Depot
  • Foghorns and Signals
  • Lifesaving Stations and USCG
  • Lighthouse Architecture

Wall of Lights

As visitors enter the doors of the NLM, the first thing they encounter is a large, faceted lighthouse-inspired structure, immediately recognizable by its official lighthouse colors, pattern and cupola top. This iconic structure serves as the spatial organizer for the exhibits and houses a multi-media Orientation Experience that sets the tone for the Museum. Befitting the purpose of all lighthouses, this structure is a central orienting feature in the landscape of the space, a hub around which primary thematic elements are arranged, while still allowing free flowing circulation around it. A Welcome Panel on the facet opposite the Entry Doors greets visitors to the NLM, tells them about the Museum’s mission and introduces them to the elements of the experience in which they are about to be engaged.

The Wall of Lights

On the facets on either side of the Welcome panel, a variety of over 160 miniature lighthouse models are displayed: The Wall of Lights. These models illustrate the wide range of lighthouse types seen throughout the world, as well as serve as donor opportunities. Also integrated onto the structure’s exterior, a digital interactive station is planned. This station will allow visitors the opportunity to access a database for more information about specific lighthouses around the world — when they were built, geographical locations, fun facts, etc.

Orientation Experience

A dynamic, engaging multi-media experience will be presented inside the central Lighthouse structure to take visitors on an immersive, moving and evocative journey through the millennia-long story of lighthouses, the history of lighthouses in America and the pivotal role of the site on which they are standing.  This feature of the exhibit remains an unfunded naming opportunity.  

Sponsor a Lighthouse Model in the Wall of Lights

The final section of the Wall of Lights has opened with only 36 places for sponsored models available. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime to be a National Lighthouse Museum sponsor. Contact Executive Director, Linda Dianto at 347-463-1119 for details and to arrange sponsorship of your favorite lighthouse. Choose from available models listed below.

Lighthouse Models Available for Sponsorship in the Wall of Lights Location
Neptune Island Lighthouse Australia
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Bermuda
Battery Point Lighthouse California
Lost Alcatraz Lighthouse California
Point Fermin Lighthouse California
Point Pinos Lighthouse California
Cove Island Lighthouse Canada, Ontario
Figard Lighthouse Canada, British Columbia
Point Abino Lighthouse Canada, Lake Erie
West Point Lighthouse Washington
Old Saybrook Lighthouse Connecticut
Lost Cape Henlopen Lighthouse Delaware
Lodbjerg Lighthouse Denmark
Lost St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida
Old St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida
Sand Key Lighthouse Florida
La Jument Lighthouse France
Cockspur Island Lighthouse Georgia
Sapelo Island Lighthouse Georgia
Bremerhaven Lighthouse Germany
Bailey’s Harbor Lighthouse Hawaii
Gross Point Lighthouse Illinois
Kan Non Zaki Lighthouse Japan
Southwest Reef Lighthouse Louisiana
Boon Island Lighthouse Maine
Cockolds Lighthouse Maine
Hendrick’s Head Lighthouse Maine
Litle River Lighthouse Maine
Mashall Point Lighthouse Maine
Old Cockolds Lighthouse Maine
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Maine
Baltimore Lighthouse Maryland
Fort Washington Bell Tower Lighthouse Maryland
Sandy Point Lighthouse Maryland
Sharp’s Island Lighthouse Maryland
Thomas Point Lighthouse Maryland
Turkey Point Lighthouse Maryland
Chatham Lighthouse Massachusetts
Clark’s Point Lighthouse Massachusetts
Gay Head Lighthouse Massachusetts
Lost Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse Massachusetts
Monomoy Lighthouse Massachusetts
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Michigan
Grand Haven So. Pier Lighthouse Michigan
Little Sabel Point Lighthouse Michigan
Old Mission Point Lighthouse Michigan
Passage Island Lighthouse Michigan
Round Island Lighthouse Michigan
St. Helena Lighthouse Michigan
Tawas Point Lighthouse Michigan
White River Lighthouse Michigan
Whitefish Point Lighthouse Michigan
Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota
Round Island Lighthouse Mississippi
East Point Lighthouse New Jersey
Tucker’s Island Lighthouse New Jersey
Tibbetts Point Lighthouse New York
Hatteras Beacon North Carolina
Oak Island Lighthouse North Carolina
Roanoke River Lighthouse North Carolina
Cleveland Lighthouse Ohio
Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Ohio
Lorain Lighthouse Ohio
Lost Cleveland Lighthouse Ohio
South Bass Lighthouse Ohio
Cape Meares Lighthouse Oregon
Coquille River Lighthouse Oregon
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Oregon
Presque Isle Lighthouse Pennsylvania
Beaver Tail Lighthouse Rhode Island
Bullock Point Lighthouse Rhode Island
Rose Island Lighthouse Rhode Island
Morris Island Lighthouse (new) South Carolina
Morris Island Lighthouse (old) South Carolina
Cape Romain Lighthouse South Carolina
Georgetown Lighthouse South Carolina
Haig Point Lighthouse South Carolina
Sea Pines Lighthouse South Carolina
Half Moon Reef Lighthouse Texas
Gladstone Lighthouse United Kingdom
Longship Lighthouse United Kingdom
Needles Point Lighthouse United Kingdom
Portland Bill Lighthouse United Kingdom
Trwyn Du Lighthouse United Kingdom
Start Point Lighthouse United Kingdom
Wolf Trap Lighthouse Virginia
Gay’s Harbor Lighthouse Washington
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Wisconsin
Kenosha Lighthouse Wisconsin
Sherwood Point Lighthouse Wisconsin
Sturgeon Point Lighthouse Wisconsin
Lightship Models
Lightship Chesapeake
Lightship Columbia
Lightship Huron
Lightship Relief
Lightship Portsmouth
Lightship San Francisco

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