Board of Advisors

The National Lighthouse Museum is honored to have in its service a distinguished Board of Advisors.  Members of this panel have worked tirelessly providing essential support and expertise in areas of critical importance to the Museum’s development.

Candace Clifford, Author

Dean Curry, Financial Planner

Arlyn Danielson, Curator, US Coast Guard Exhibit Center

William Dertinger, Esq.

Captain Donald DeRosa

Charles DiBartolo, President,  Better Biz Works

Ralph Eshelman, PhD, Museum Director (ret.)

John Killcullen, President, Preservation League of Staten Island

Billee Seffern-Ludders, PhD

Dr. Thomas Matteo, Staten Island Borough Historian

John Sollazzo, Retired NYC Firefighter’s Association

Mike Vogel, Editor, Buffalo News

Captain Thomas Walsh, Sandy Hook Pilots

Chris Williams, Optician, Williams Eye Works

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